Legal Hearing Friday

On Friday, January 7, 2022, at 8:30am, there will be a hearing in Utah's Third Judicial District for Concerned Coalition v. Cox. The main purpose of this hearing is to resolve standing and other preliminary issues that were raised in Governor Cox’s and Salt Lake County’s motions to dismiss.

We are optimistic that these issues will be decided in our favor so that our lawsuit can progress to a hearing on the preliminary injunction and the merits. We are also hopeful that this hearing may result in a quick ruling from Judge Vernice Trease, as well as a scheduled date for an evidentiary hearing on our request for a preliminary injunction.

However, it is possible that we will see a longer delay. We know the legal process has not been as quick as most of us have wished. We hope you will stick with us as our case continues to work its way through the system.

We know it's tough out there right now! Facing down omicron with almost no protections has all parents worried and stressed. But Concerned Coalition will keep fighting because of all of you!

We are not alone and we need to stand up for each other.

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