Statement on Curriculum Bills Being Considered by the Utah Legislature

When we formed this coalition, we understood that there would be many issues affecting our community that could use our support. Raising our voices together was never just about masks.

By now, you may have heard about two education bills working their way through Utah’s Legislature. HB234 and SB114 both require teachers to post all educational materials in advance for public scrutiny, require hearings on their every choice, and subject them to lawsuits if they stray from the plan. Both the UEA and AFT have spoken against these bills that put onerous requirements on teachers at a time when teachers are already under extreme stress. HB234 has been put on pause to “gather more information,” but SB114 passed out of committee yesterday and will be up for a full vote.

We know many of you are concerned about these bills. And we are too.

Qualified experts should be allowed to do their jobs, whether they are public health officials or educators. Laws and policies should support them, not placate loud voices on the fringe. Our legislature should represent us all.

Our rally is more important than ever.

The legislature needs to see that the majority of Utahns support compassionate and evidence-based decisions involving our K-12 students and their schools.

Sign the UEA-backed petition against this bill.

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